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International Homeschool Publication Moves Operations Hub to Eastern U.S.A.

Source: ArriveNet
August 18, 2005

Dandridge, TN -- The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, has announced the relocation of Paul and Gena Suarez, publishers of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, from Cool, California, to Dandridge, Tennessee.

“The Old Schoolhouse conducts most of its business on the east coast, so relocating the company has been positive,” states Gena Suarez, Vice President of the corporation. “Friends such as Answers in Genesis and Bob Jones University Press are now ‘just down the street’ from what will soon be TOS corporate headquarters. Most of the company’s top managers also reside on the east coast or are relocating.”

With the release of a charity book project slated for early in 2006, the relocation has a positive effect on relations with Broadman & Holman, the book’s publisher. Melonie Murray, Director of Media Operations, comments, “We all enjoyed working with the staff of Broadman & Holman on this project. Having our corporate headquarters in this area offers avenues not only for The Old Schoolhouse but all those in the area who support parents seeking to provide their children with a home-based education.”

Local homeschoolers appear to be excited about their new neighbors. Kris Price of the Five Rivers Homeschool Association says the local homeschool community is always open to “newcomers”. “We are most excited to have The Old Schoolhouse’s publishers moving nearby,” Price asserts. “As an active member in a local homeschool co-op, I am honored that they chose our ‘little neck of the woods’ as their new home.”

Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Public Relations Director, and Geoff Igarashi, Fulfillment Manager, expect to make their move to the Dandridge area during August 2005 as well. Other senior managers and directors will arrive in the area for a corporate retreat and planning sessions during October 2005.

About The Old Schoolhouse Magazine:
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is the highest quality homeschool magazine on the market, with approximately 200 pages per issue. The publication is distributed across North America via newsstands and subscription; international readers are serviced by volunteer coordinators and subscription.

Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Public Relations Director
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC