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Local Homeschoolers Enjoy Wealth Of Activities

May 18, 2005

Hurricane, UT -- The Hurricane Valley Home Educators Association Local provides a wealth of activities and support for local homeschoolers. Families actively involved in the HVHEA will find much support and encouragement, as well as educational and social activities to round out their homeschool experience.

The association has been around for many years, but because there are always homeschool families who are new to the area or those who have just embarked on the adventure of homeschooling, the HVHEA is consistently trying to make people aware that they are here and are anxious to help and support them.

In April, local homeschool families enjoyed a field trip to the Bard’s Birthday Bash. This annual celebration of Shakespeare’s birthday, is a favorite activity for homeschoolers. Held on the Southern Utah University campus in Cedar City, the festivities include a performance of the first act of Romeo and Juliet by a community youth theater. Attendees also enjoy weaving a maypole, jousting on the green, participating in humorous improv performances, as well as meeting and eating cake with the queen.

Recently, grandparents were the subject and center of attention at the HVHEA Show and Tell Grandparent Day, held at the Hurricane Library. Homeschool students took turns introducing their grandparents to the group and telling about the many things that make their grandparents special. This activity provided an opportunity for the students to learn more about their family history and an appreciation for their grandparents. For grandparents who couldn’t attend, the students brought photographs, heirlooms and other items of interest to share with the group. Prizes were given for the oldest grandparent, the one with the most grandchildren, the most great-grandchildren, and the grandparent who had traveled the farthest. After the presentations, families enjoyed a luncheon together. These are just a few of the many activities and educational experiences homeschool families enjoy through their association with one another.

“In just the past year we have enjoyed holiday parties, humanitarian projects, sports activities, educational field trips, picnics and socials, unit studies, concerts, art museums, and historical tours,” said Camille McCausland, Chairman of the HVHEA. “We try to be very organized and consistent so that the association will run smoothly and we can focus on being there for one another in all aspects of the home education experience.”

Board meetings are held monthly where activities and field trips are planned. The group also hosts a casual weekly gathering in which the children can play and interact socially with one another, and the adults can visit and share concerns and help each other. Homeschooling is not for everybody. It takes a very courageous parent to not only make the choice to educate their child at home, but to follow through, sometimes in the face of strong opposition.

“We are blessed to live in a district where homeschooling is generally accepted and I’m pleased that, after visits with Superintendent Max Rose, I find him to be very helpful and friendly towards homeschooling,” said McCausland. “He wants homeschoolers to succeed in what we’re doing, as much as he desires the success of public school students.”

The HVHEA welcomes any homeschool families to their activities and events, even if they live outside the Hurricane area. Families as far as Cedar City and St. George participate frequently. If you are a homeschooler and need support or help, or if you are interested in homeschooling and need to know how to get started, contact Camille McCausland at 635-4339.