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Old Fashioned Learning With New Fangled Technology; Text-to-Speech Capability Adds Depth to Homeschooling Experience

April 26, 2005

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Homeschooling, traditionally stereotyped as old-fashioned, with dated textbooks and materials, is actually quite a technological experience, with many students using timely on-line learning and robust curriculum. Now, the next wave of technology is causing quite a stir among the homeschooling community.

One of the nation's leading cyberschool providers, Learning By Grace (http://www.learningbygrace.org), will soon be implementing a new text-to-speech component in which text can be highlighted by the student and the computer will audibly read the text back to the student.

"On-line learning has already been quite successful with homeschool families," said Mimi Rothschild, chief operating officer for Learning By Grace. "Text-to-speech technology takes homeschooling to a place at which many public schools haven't arrived."

The text-to-speech technology is particularly helpful in a homeschool environment, enabling students to utilize an aural method of learning, according to Rothschild.

"Parents homeschool for many reasons, some of which are that the diverse learning styles and needs of their children simply are not being met in the public school system," said Rothschild. "Cutting edge technology supports the individual student's learning experience through rich visuals, comprehensive lessons and now the ability to listen to any text that's been presented."

Controlling a child's learning environment is often cited as a factor in homeschooling a child, and the lack of quality resources is the opposing reason for not. Learning By Grace is the first homeschooling resource to address both those concerns and give parents the ability to take control of their child's education, and have access to state-of-the-art technology and up-to-the-minute information.

"The real value in Learning By Grace's format is that the classroom is literally as close as the nearest internet connection," Rothschild said. "This opens up huge opportunities for travel and flexible schedules."

Learning By Grace is the leading global provider of revolutionary Christian K-12 online learning solutions. Through its parent-led or teacher-led academies and 130 extensive course offerings, Learning By Grace provides engaging educational support to Christian homeschool families worldwide.