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Momís Right, Company Listens to HSLDA

Source:  HSLDA
By:  Mike Donnelly
April 17, 2012
DriversEd.com told one Minnesota member family that it would not ship materials for its online driverís education course until the family provided a letter from their school district superintendent verifying their sonís homeschool status. When this homeschool mom tried to explain that a new Minnesota law allows parents to certify their studentís homeschool status when applying for a driverís permit, DriversEd.com insisted that it needed the schoolís letter. A little frustrated, the family turned to Home School Legal Defense Association.

The homeschool mom was indeed correctóthe law has changed. HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly wrote a letter to DriversEd.com, and, just a hours later, the DriversEd.com general manager responded to HSLDA stating that the homeschool familyís status had been updated to ďhome school documents received.Ē HSLDA was pleased with this prompt action by DriversEd.com, which will allow the family to start their driverís education right away.

Why didnít the company representative take the homeschool momís word? They should have. But this story reveals that sometimes it takes a persuasive letter from a lawyer. HSLDA is always ready to advocate on behalf of homeschool families who receive demands from misinformed businesses, colleges, or government officials.