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Digital Lesson Plan Company Revamps Homeschooling Sector

Source: Online PR News
July 26, 2010

CompleteCurriculum.com offers novel online K-12 lesson plans ideal for improving education and retention in the homeschooled population.

Complete Curriculum’s lesson plans conform to the national standards for education and grade level content. All texts on the site were developed by a consortium of teachers, professionals in academia, researchers, and editors to ensure adherence to rigorous academic standards.

Complete Curriculum is an instant resource for comprehensive K-12 instruction in an entirely digital, online environment. Students, parents, and teachers can access customized digital content and education from any location.

Complete Curriculum’s digital lesson plans aid in cultivating important skills for the twenty-first century work environment, like communication, cooperation, and collaboration. Supplemental activities and exercises demonstrate real-world application of the concepts in question, further cementing students’ interest in, and retention of, the material.

On a schedule convenient to their needs, students and educators have access to over 180 lessons and supplements per textbook, and over 1,000 individual practice skills. Question-specific explanations of each concept are available to help solidify students’ understanding. Students have unlimited access to all grade levels - a useful option for reviewing information or challenging themselves with advanced knowledge.

Lessons plans are completely customizable to the needs of each individual student. All texts are fully editable, allowing students to answer questions and educators to mark their completed responses directly on the digital document.

According to CompleteCurriculum.com, “By blending academic, social and interpersonal skills development, Complete Curriculum texts afford teachers and parents the opportunity to effectively impact a student’s ability to accelerate – in and out of the classroom.”

Complete Curriculum provides students and educators alike with a customized education on a streamlined, technology-integrated publishing platform. Students can learn concepts, practice real-world application, and take tests to reinforce material at times and places convenient to them. Parents and educators of all skill levels can adapt lesson plans to engage students in a manner best suited to their specific teaching style.

For more information, visit: http://www.completecurriculum.com, or contact Alison Cancilliari by phone at: (888) 675-8398.