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Fort Wayne author of Homeschooling for Dummies' kids graduate, get accepted to college

Source: Fort Wayne Homeschooling Examiner
By: Karla Akins
July 24, 2010

Fort Wayne author, Jennifer Kaufeld, wrote the book on homeschooling. Her book, Homeschooling for Dummies, is a favorite among beginning homeschoolers. Wonder if she knows her stuff? The proof is in her two oldest children, Joseph and Rebecca, who graduated from high school this past spring in the Fort Wayne Area Homeschoolers ceremony. Both are headed to college in the fall.

Jennifer's husband, John, is no slouch. He is a prolific writer of tech books and his next book, "Dad Tonight: How to turn off the TV and connect with your kids" (BrightPorch) is due out in August, 2010

John says they broached the subject of homeschooling when they were first married. "Jenny suggested it initially and the more we talked about it the more we thought it would be a good move for us. And after we had Joe and Becky it just made a lot of sense because Iím not sure either of the kids would have worked out in a regular school environment because of the way they learn. Theyíre both really bright kids."

Mr. Kaufeld says that homeschooling worked because "it let the kids experience life in a whole other way. They got to volunteer and engage in the community. They got to discover what they were interested in and it gave Jen [his wife] the flexibility to teach to the kids. She didnít teach curriculum, she taught kids. She put together an eclectic curriculum."

In Part 2 of this interview with the Kaufelds, we'll hear from Jennifer, and learn what curriculums she chose for her kids in high school.

In Part 3 we'll take a peek into the amazing field trips this family took in their homeschool journey.

The Kaufelds are still homeschooling their six year old son who has a disability.