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Why keep homeschool records?

by Jennifer Martens
Source: Louisville Homeschooling Examiner
September 7, 2009

Keeping records can be extremely time consuming, yet they are invaluable in the homeschool world. Don't wait until you are asked for the records to realize the importance of them! Here are some great reasons to keep accurate school records:

Documenting evidence—Who would want to look at stacks of attendance records and course completion lists with hand-written annotations? Members of the Kentucky Board of Education, court officials, scholarship committees, and colleges such as the University of Louisville might. If for no other reason, keep good documentation of school attendance because the country is littered with homeschool court cases and if parenting skills are ever questioned, these records will be extremely valuable.

* Nostalgia—Years from now, while flipping through the memories of those tough-but-worth-it school days, a smile will cover both child and parents’ faces.

* Brain defragment—Especially for those who homeschool more than one child, there needs to be a place where parents can write down everything that has been worked on, that is being worked on, or that is being planned. Instead of trying to remember it all, write it down and refer to it later.

* Sharing with others—New homeschool parents who are struggling to figure out just what needs done when and what works and what doesn’t will be extremely thankful to see the records of an experienced homeschool mom/dad.

* Evaluating progress—Everyone needs to have a starting place to compare to where he/she ends up. Use records to evaluate the progress students have made throughout the school year.

* Finding out what works—Use records to see where students had difficulties, how those difficulties were relieved, and what might work better in the future. Perhaps a student does better when writing out math problems on a chalk board than doing tedious worksheet problems. With this information, parents are able to structure homeschool teaching strategies to the individual child.

* Organization—Most homeschools could handle a little more organization and record keeping can provide it. Records help organize thoughts, lesson plans, field trips, attendance, grades, and more. If records are kept well, homeschool parents don’t have to feel as if homeschooling has taken over their lives because they know just when and where certain tasks need to be done.

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