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Is homeschooling for you?

by Jenn Hollowell
Source: Maine Education Examiner
July 25, 2009

Before you make the decision to homeschool your child (or children), it is important to sit down first and have a family meeting. This is important because:

* Homeschooling is going to have a direct impact on everyone in the household, not just the children and the parent (or guardians) participating.

* There is a lot to take into consideration beyond curriculums and schedules, so important the entire family knows what to expect.

* The children involved may believe itís going to be a walk in the park, and may not take things too seriously, so explaining the process and that itís a learning program that is just as important as a traditional school setting.

The next part of the process is learning the various laws surrounding home education. Maine has a specific set of laws, rules, and regulations.

* Maine Homeschooling Laws: A to Z Homeís Cool

* Homeschoolers of Maine: Law Summary

* Maine Ė HSLDA: Home School Laws

Active participation by both student (your child or children) and teacher (you and/or your spouse) is imperative for success. There is a huge commitment necessary for all whom are involved, so be sure everyone is prepared for that. More on this topic is planned for the future, so stay tuned!