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Math Made Fun CiaCyberOps

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:58 am    Post subject: Math Made Fun CiaCyberOps Reply with quote

My wife, Dianne, and I have HSed our
daughter for 7 years now. In fourth grade she began to
hate math. So I invented a game that she has fallen in
love with and gotten all of her peers at church hooked
too. now every Sunday before and after church they go
play this math game; they have for two years now. It has
been a God-send so I'm telling everyone. If any of you
check it out I'd dearly love feedback.

Have you ever seen scores of youngsters gathered around a
table playing Pokemon or Magic the Gathering? These are
a couple examples of collectible card games that kids
seem to be enthralled with now-a-days. Quite simply they
love these types of games. They are quick, easy to learn
and easy to play. However they have very few, if any,
redeeming qualities. In fact many mothers would tell you
that they dislike the idea of their little ones playing
with monsters, magic, dragons, and evil creatures all

CiaCyberOps is an expandable card game that is just as
addictive yet teaches kids to learn math, logic,
reasoning, strategy, and cooperation, without all the
"battles to the death" and "spell casting".

The game has been designed with this one goal in mind...
to encourage your child to learn and enjoy math. The
game mechanics have been designed from the ground up to
encourage more learning. For example: the Hacker Points
in the upper left-hand corner of the card will help the
player to program their computers faster. The Hacker
Points are weighted towards the more difficult cards.
So, as Johnny wants to do better at the game and compete
better with his friends he will soon want to learn how
the higher Hacker Point cards work. You will find that
you may want to make yourself available, at least at
first, for the onslaught of questions.

Relax, you don't have to understand how to play (they
will have that figured out in no time) they will come to
you wanting to know what the little number that is raised
above the big number means (exponents) and so on.
Believe it or not, unlike school, you will only have to
explain it once or twice because they will WANT to know
what that means

Imagine your child, or grandchild, begging to do just one
more math lesson before bedtime. Imagine them shunning
the Disney channel because they want to figure out the
best way calculate algebraic equations. Well now this can
be a reality in your house too. Your kids will not want
to put down the cards all the time absorbing math
lessons without even knowing it.

In CiaCyberOps your kids will be exposed to a complete
array of math and math related subjects up to an
including the 5th grade levels. Below is partial list of
the topics included in CiaCyberOps. All cleverly
concealed as game cards that they will want to
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