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PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 11:54 pm    Post subject: www.jerseyscowboys.com Reply with quote

SYDNEY, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- At just seven years of age, Fred Lan will take part in Sydney's Lunar New Year celebrations, demonstrating the art of Kung Fu each weekend during the City of Sydney festival.

As the youngest of the 1,000 performers gracing Sydney's Spring Festival, Lan is "a little nervous but mostly excited to be part of the Chinese New Year Festival."

"I'm excited to dress up in my costumes for my Kung Fu performances, and see lots of other people in traditional costumes doing different performances and dances," Lan said.

Lan has been training with his father every day since he was a toddler and is a member of the New South Wales Chin Woo Athletic Association, practicing Tai Chi, Wushu and Kung Fu.

"I love doing martial arts and I can't wait to show everyone at the festival my skills in punching, spinning and kicking," Lan said.

"Chinese New Year is a lot fun, and I hope I get a lot of red packets with money!"

It's not just the exuberance of youth on display at the largest Spring Festival celebration outside of Asia.

Ms Zhang, 77-year-old, has spent a year patiently choreographing a performance for her over-50's dance troupe, the Hokien Huay Kuan Group.

"Age is no barrier to fitness and having fun -- the ladies in my dance group are the most mature in the festival -- we're all over 50 and still going strong!" Zhang said.

"I've been taking part and choreographing routines for the Chinese New Year Festival for years, even when it was a small community festival in Chinatown," Zhang said.

In its 21st year, Sydney's Spring Festival has become a major feature on the city's calendar -- whatever calendar you go by.

"I love being part of the festival -- it's a real community celebration of performances and dancing, and can bond people together regardless of their age and background," Zhang said.

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The medieval sword锟絪 development began with the Roman 锟絊pantha.锟?This long sword was ineffective against armor, though there was comparatively little armor in the Roman period. Sword construction in the medieval period involved several craftsman, such as the forger of the blade Authentic Cole Beasley Jersey , the polisher, and the person who constructed the hilt of the sword. Because metal chemistry was not well understood, in this era swords varied widely in their quality.

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The sword was developed from the Spantha in conjunction with new fighting techniques and new armor styles. During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, not only armor but also swords saw great improvements. Sword blades became much longer, and could be used with two hands. This new type of sword was known as a longsword, and it often measured four feet or even longer. Its extreme reach and improved cutting abilities made it very useful in battle. The grip was sometimes wrapped with animal hide for a better grip and to make it harder for an opponent to knock it from the user锟絪 hand. From the thirteenth to the sixteenth century Authentic Tyron Smith Jersey , many manuscripts survive covering longsword combat techniques, providing extensive information on their use. Other swords besides the longsword also became important, including the Estoc. The estoc sword was known for its armor piercing capabilities, and was designed with a very sharp point. It was nearly edgeless Authentic Demarcus Lawrence Jersey , making it useless for slashing motions, and was meant only for thrusting through armor. Swords became longer and heavier throughout this period.

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