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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 1:47 pm    Post subject: PARENTHOOD DECLARED UNCONSTITUTIONAL BY 9TH CIRCUIT Reply with quote

I receive an e-mail from a local pastor concerning
various activities that are happening in Idaho and the
USA. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has said that:


Just when you thought judicial tyranny and activism
could not possibly get any worse, the 9th Circuit
Court of Appeals yesterday essentially declared
parenthood unconstitutional in the state of Idaho...."

Here is the ruling below.


It is important that we fight for our right and
freedom to be able to home school our children. I am
not talking about government funded schooling at home
but classical, traditional, and un-schooling. These
freedoms will be lost like what has happened in

Many traditional homeschoolers fell for this
government funded program. If they chose this program
to school their kids this program would give them
money and equipment. It sounded so good, money for
joining the program, computers, and equipement. All of
a sudden, after about a year, the freedoms that they
thought they had became restricted. They couldn't
choose their curriculum as they once could within this
program. They had to use all the curriculum that was
supposed to go with the program in the first place.
After these restrictions were imposed many left this
way of schooling, but at a cost. Joining that program
cost them their total freedom to home school without
restrictions. HSLDA didn't have enough leverage to
fight for home schooling freedoms, because that choice
and freedom was abandoned.

The state legislatures, during this time, put
restrictions on homeschoolers. Now they have lost a
lot of their freedoms and rights. In fact, Alaska's
law was very similar to Idaho's. This is scary for a
traditional homeschooler such as myself.

Are you willing to give up that freedom? Are you
willing to have to be forced to send your children to
public school where you as a parent don't have any
rights or very little? Are you willing to allow the
government to come into your home while you are using
a government form of schooling? Homeschooling gives
you those parental rights and we need to fight for
that freedom. Once we give up our freedom and allow
the legislature to put restrictions on us we can't and
won't get that freedom back.

Don't assume that we won't lose those freedoms in
Idaho. Those in Alaska didn't think it would happen
to them but it did. My district Senator, Elliot Werk,
wants restictions on home schoolers. Do you know how
your legislature believes concerning home schooling?
If you don't you should find out or it could be

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