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Happy Thanksgiving and a little history

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 5:07 pm    Post subject: Happy Thanksgiving and a little history Reply with quote

Since there is a law about separation of church and state the truth of Thanksgiving can't be fully taught. First off, the truth of separation of church and state is truely misrepresented by the ACLU, NEA, and so on. We can get into that later.

I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a good day with your family. Go LIONS! Rolling Eyes

The pilgrims arrived at Cape Cod in 1620. There were 102 pilgrims who arrived in America. If it wasn't for a disease amongst the Patuxet tribe, in 1617, killing all of them but one(Squanto) the pilgrims may have been caught and slaughtered. Within their first two to three months being there 50 of their own died of scurvie and other serious diseases.

In March of 1621 Squanto, the last of the Patuxet tribe, came to the pilgrims and showed them how to hunt and plant crops. He became a friend to the pilgrims. He was also adopted by the Wampanoag Indians as their own.

With Squanto's help they had a bountiful year of crops in Plymouth that falling winter. This was to the thanks of God sending Squanto to be among them and teach them how to grow crops.

William Bradford, Plymouths first Governor, appointed a day of Thanksgiving around this time. They invited the nearby tribe Wampanoag Indians to their holiday. Chief Massasoit and ninety of his men came to the feastivities on invitation of William Bradford in order to give thanks to God for their abundance. They were giving thanks to God even after they had lost half of their own family and friends. They were thankful for a good year of crops, for Squanto, and all their blessings.

They ate deer, turkey, fish, eels, lobsters, vegetables, corn bread, herbs, berries, pies and the indians even taught the pilgrims how to make popcorn. The pilgrims and indians even had competitions. They wrestled, ran races, and had shooting games. The indians enjoyed it so much they stayed for a total of three days. They had a three day celebration and giving thanks.

Again, the pilgrims set this day aside to give thanks unto God and acknowledge their dependence upon him.

Happy Thanksgiving

Information from:

1) "Of Plimoth Plantation" by William Bradford
2) "America's Providential History" by Mark A. Beliles &
Stephen K. McDowell
3) http://www.patriotism.org/thanksgiving/
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