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City League Sports Programs

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 11:13 am    Post subject: City League Sports Programs Reply with quote

Right now my 2 sons are playing in a city sponsored soccer program. My oldest son isn't exactly the athletic type. He'd rather play a computer simulated soccer game than a real one! It isn't so bad mixing it up with the other kids, they seem to do good there. Most of them will encourage him to do better. When it comes to running laps, he has gone from being last to being 3rd from last. So that's an improvement.

However the attitudes of the parents are what concerns me. On game day they can be brutal. One of the MOMS was banned from attending last year because of her yelling from the sidelines! Anybody else have any experiences like this?
Father of 2 formerly homeschooled boys: Adam-15, Lucas-13
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2005 11:11 am    Post subject: Adult conduct Reply with quote

Mad Screaming parents from the sidelines are an all-too-common thing at kids' sporting events. It's happened in the various leagues my son plays, and is a sad extension of the winner-at-all-costs mentality that pro sports has sent out with their ads, attitudes, interviews, etc. TV feeds it, and feeds off of it. For a mom to be banned, well, that's good for the rest of the league. Many leagues now require the parents to sign a conduct form not only for their children but for themselves, which threaten explusion of the parent for unsportsmanlike conduct from the sidelines.
In my son's lacrosse league, which can be very physical with legal hits, things have nearly erupted to parents fighting on the sidelines over accidentally illegal hits (it happens--a player shifts or ducks and a legal hit goes wrong), even when the ref calls them. Two weeks ago, when I couldn't make the game and my sister had to take my son, a father from the other team started making loud comments, which drew response from a father from my son's team, then mothers got in the shouting... No physical fighting started, but my son said he and his team, and presumably the other team, were highly amused although somewhat embarassed by these parents' actions.
On your other message on where to find leagues for homeschoolers, school districts are required here to allow homeschoolers on teams or to try out for school teams that require tryouts. Also, town leagues, independent leagues, and other leagues are around, but we don't get the notices sent home from school with the kids because our kids don't go to the school. I've had to keep on top of who's in charge at various leagues, call for info, get the registration forms, and so forth. I'll stop at the fields and talk to the coaches for info. Some have websites (try an online search of your area).
My son's lacrosse league is not a school team, is open to all kids in the school district, but is not operated by the district; it also has a traveling soccer team. The township next to us has a sports league that also accepts kids outside their area. His basketball, baseball, soccer teams are sponsored by an independent borough group open to all kids in the town and surrounding towns.
His involvement also opens up more avenues for friends, growth, other activities, so the effort I make is definitely worth it. I've also sponsored a couple teams to plug my business, which also gets the parents asking who the sponsor is and the conversation oftened evolved to homeschooling.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2005 2:25 pm    Post subject: City league sports Reply with quote

Yeah, I've seen a lot of that too. I wonder why anyone bothers to coach the teams because there are always a few dozen parents screaming pointers to their kids from the bleachers. Let's just invite a free-for-all. Sometimes it isn't that bad though. My youngest plays basketball and the league director corrects the sideline behavior. A big thank-you to him. We stopped playing soccer because the parent behavior there was nothing less than offensive. We've considered sending our kids to play on the school sports teams from time to time. Homeschooled kids can do that here but they haven't expressed an interest. They get pretty intense fitness training in their karate class anyway.
homeschooling since '97: daughter, 18- away at college, son, 16 and daughter 13
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